A beard straightener can be the fastest and most effective way to tame and style wild, frizzy, curly facial hair. Also known as a heated beard brush, the best beard straighteners will help you control and style the perfect facial hair. From a beard straightening comb or flat iron to run through fine, short facial hair to a beard straightener brush for deep penetration and maximum styling, the right electric straightening tool can make all the difference in your look.

To help you find good heated styling products for your thick coarse beard, read our reviews of the best beard straighteners for men. Starting with the top-rated Cayzor Beard Straightener Comb, these quality straightening combs, brushes and flat irons can take all men’s beards to the next level.

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Best Beard Straighteners

Cayzor Beard Straightener Comb For Men

Cayzor Beard Straightener Comb For Men

The Cayzor Beard Straightener Comb For Men is one of the best-rated heated products around. Affordable, well-built, and featuring the latest technology, this electric beard straightening brush is worth your serious consideration.

For starters, this straightener works with almost any beard, with five different temperature settings at 210/250/280/320/360F. Plus, the LCD display conveniently shows the current temperature of the brush. No matter the length or thickness of your beard, you’ll get a natural, smooth look.

The anti-scald design also minimizes the risk of burning yourself. This is engineered by placing heated teeth in between normal, longer teeth. While the shorter teeth work to straighten your beard with each stroke, the long sturdy plastic bristles maintain the comb’s distance from the skin on your face.

Similarly, this model comes with an advanced PTC heating element covered with ceramic coating. This design allows your straightener to heat up in under 60 seconds and properly distributes the heat all over the brush to avoid hot spots. The steady flow of consistent heat to your beard optimizes the process with every pass.

Another feature is the sunken power button and automatic shut-off after 30 minutes. This means guys never have to worry about leaving the straightener on all day as a fire hazard.

Lastly, the brush is small and portable. The size allows you to reach the contours of your face with ease.

Ultimately, the Cayzor Beard Straightener is a versatile product you can’t go wrong buying. If you care about a straight beard, we highly recommend you invest in this styling tool.

Iston Beard Straightener For Men

Iston Beard Straightener For Men

The Iston Beard Straightener For Men is another popular model boasting cool features and solid engineering. This straightening brush offers adjustable temperature settings, an anti-scald design, an LCD display, and the benefits of auto safety shut-off programming.

This portable product takes just a minute to heat up. The PTC heating technology and metal ceramic heater maximize heat distribution and flow.

It comes with 3 heat settings, allowing you to choose between 302F, 338F, and 374F. Guys can use the variable temperatures to style different beard types. Medium-length, fine facial hair can be straightened at the lowest temperature, while thick, coarse long beards may require the hottest level. Fortunately, you’ll always be able to see the temperature you’ve picked on the small LCD screen.

The brush comes equipped with ionic conditioning and anti-static coating. The negative ions minimize and prevent frizz in your beard and allow the tool to glide through without pulling or snagging.

The wide brush head and dense teeth allow you to cover more hair with every pass for faster results. As the teeth are made to be anti-scald, you can use the straightener close to your skin without the risk of burning or irritating sensitive skin.

The 360-degree swivel power cord makes handling hassle-free, allowing you to straighten your beard no matter the angle.

If you want your coarse beard to look smooth and soft, the Iston Beard Straightener could be the perfect option for your needs.

Andis Heated Beard Comb

Andis Beard Straightener Comb

The Andis High Heat Comb is one of the best heated beard combs around. Designed as an all-purpose hair straightener, it can be used on your beard with great results.

It heats up quickly, reaching 450F in just 30 seconds. It has a total of 20 different heat settings to suit all beard types. However, we suggest you get this straightening tool if you have at least 2 inches of facial hair.

With a gold ceramic comb, heat is transferred to your hair efficiently and promptly. Again, this beard hot comb is very powerful, so we’d recommend starting at lower heart and working up gradually. The adjustable heat dial on the side helps control the temperature, but the comb can get too hot quickly.

We recommend starting at a medium setting for normal facial hair and increase to a higher setting for thick, coarse beards.

The tangle-free swivel cord is incredibly convenient when maneuvering around. Moreover, the auto-off safety feature, which automatically turns off the comb after an hour, is practical.

As one of the most reputable grooming brands in the world, barbers and stylists trust Andis. Cheap yet effective, the Andis Ceramic Press Comb is a great choice for men with long beards.

Aberlite Beard Straightener

Aberlite Beard Straightener

The Aberlite Beard Straightener is a high-quality styling product at a great price. Well-built for all beard types, it will get your hair straightened and smooth quickly. This electric heated beard brush is particularly adept at straightening coarse or curly facial hair.

The brush has 5 heat settings: 300F, 340F, 380F, 410F, and 440F. The higher temperatures are great for styling thick long beards effectively. Like the other top models, what makes the Aberlite an excellent product is the PTC heating technology, the anti-scald design, ceramic teeth, and anti-static coating.

To dive deeper, the ceramic coating allow for the brush’s bristles to quickly heat up. The plastic buffers between the teeth prevent contact with your skin to avoid burning, while also minimizing the chances you actually damage your beard.

The PTC heating system maintains consistent heat flow all over the brush without hot spots, ensuring every pass evenly straightens your hairs without causing damage to the strands.

The ionic conditioning and anti-static coating guarantee your comb will smoothly run through your hair without snagging, pulling or creating frizz.

For best results, your beard will probably need to be at least 1.5 to 2 inches long, but even hard-to-style beards can work with this product. It takes just 60 seconds to heat up safely, and it turns off automatically after 30 minutes.

The Aberlite Beard Straightening Heat Brush is durable, affordable, and really does work. Get this electric brush and you’ll love the way your beard will look after.

Coolkesi Ionic Beard Straightener For Men

Coolkesi Ionic Beard Straightener For Men

The Coolkesi Ionic Beard Straightener For Men is a cheap yet highly-rated straightening brush. Made to be used on both your beard and hair, it can detangle and style curly, straight, thin or thick facial hair.

With five temperature settings, including 250F, 280F, 320F, 350F and 390F, it’s suitable for all types of beard lengths. This electric beard straightener comb comes standard with advanced PTC ceramic heating for quick and efficient energy distribution.

Furthermore, this model boasts solid ionic technology, making use of negative ions to straighten your beard without causing frizz. The anti-scald ceramic coating on the bristles also provides an additional layer of protection.

Portable and fast heating, it takes just 30 seconds to heat up. Like other models, the auto-off safety feature kicks in after 30 minutes of inactivity.

Simple and easy to use, guys just need to plug it in, press the power button, adjust the temperature, and you’re ready to start styling. With its 360-degree swivel cord, you can tame all parts of your beard without issues.

If you need bang for your buck and a money-back guarantee, the Coolkesi Beard Heat Brush could be ideal.

CNXUS Ionic Hair Straightening Brush

CNXUS Ionic Hair Straightening Brush

The CNXUS Ionic Hair Straightening Brush offers adjustable temperature controls, ionic technology, anti-scald design, and ceramic heating components. Powerful enough to straighten long coarse hair but gentle enough to keep it healthy, shiny and sleek, this beard straightener delivers performance and value.

For one, it’s efficient and fast working, heating up to your desired temperature in a minute. You get 5 different heat settings, ranging from 300F to 450F. Use the cooler settings for fine short beards while the hottest brush temperatures should be used for the thickest, curly facial hair.

What sets it apart from many of its competitors is the MCH (metal ceramic heater) heating technology, which can be superior to PTC in terms of heat, speed, and consistency. To transfer the heat without damaging your beard, the company designed the brush with high-quality ceramic teeth.

The advanced ionic technology emits negative oxygen ions to reduce frizz, tangles, split ends, and damage.

The machine also has a great ergonomic shape. Easy to handle and lightweight, the power cord is attached through a 360-degree swivel. Further, the head is curved in such a way that it fits around the chin and along the contours of your face.

As expected, the model shuts off after 30 minutes of inactivity. It also has dual voltage, making it suitable even if you’re away on business or vacation.

Get the CNXUS Beard Straightener and you can feel confident using it on your face.

Cutie Academy Ionic Beard Straightening Comb

Cutie Academy Ionic Beard Straightening Comb

Cutie Academy’s Ionic Beard Straightening Comb utilizes a unique, flexible design to get you results. Affordable and popular, this beard straightener comes with a number of functions that maybe useful as a multi-purpose styling tool.

While it looks much like a brush, this product was engineered with a protective comb that slides over the flat iron. The heat barrier maintains some distance between the heating plate and your skin, but also prevents damage to your beard hair. The ceramic surface distributes heat evenly without hot spots on the comb.

Guys can detangle, straighten, and style with this model. Like other products, the comb has negative ion heating technology to stop frizz and keep your beard healthy.

It has a set temperature of around 248F. This temperature is gentle enough on thin short beards, but will require many passes on a fuller, longer beard. On the positive side, if you’re a novice, it reduces the risk of burning your skin.

Other features include a quick heating period (under 60 seconds) and light ergonomic design for easy, efficient use. The comb’s anti-slip handle is shaped so that it fits comfortably in your hand.

If you have fine facial hair and sensitive skin, the Cutie Academy Beard Straightener is a good bet.

AmoVee Mini Flat Iron Smart Hair Straightener

AmoVee Mini Flat Iron Smart Hair Straightener

The AmoVee Mini Flat Iron Smart Hair Straightener is the best flat iron for beards. Less than 8 inches in length, this small straightening iron will get you a super smooth, sleek beard.

Not suitable for short beards, you need at least 2 inches of facial hair for the ceramic plates to grip. Its negative ionic ceramic tourmaline coating means that it emits heat evenly and consistently across your beard, smoothing but not sticking to your hair. Tourmaline is great at emitting negative ions and reducing frizz and stick.

On the negative side, the product only has one fixed temperature of 410F. This can be a bit hot for some bearded men, particularly those with thin/fine facial hair, but guys with thick, long beards will be able to withstand the heat. Plus, not all of this heat will transfer to your hair, so most men will be comfortable using it.

Affordable and mobile, the AmoVee Beard Flat Iron is a great product for the price.

Tame’s Beard Straightener Comb

Tame’s Beard Straightener Comb

Powerful and versatile, Tame’s Beard Straightener Comb goes above and beyond in many ways to differentiate itself. This heated beard brush has 12 temperature settings, ranging from 250F to 450F. With metal ceramic heater (MCH) technology, heat is distributed evenly and quickly.

It is important to note that this model can heat to 400F in 60 seconds. The ceramic teeth transfer heat efficiently, yet the anti-scald design protects your facial hair and skin from excessive heat. The handle and bristle tips stay cool while the brush’s teeth inside are heated.

The ionic generator installed in the product emits negative ions to minimize frizz and help strengthen your beard hairs. By untangling and straightening without damage, the comb is able to glide through your beard effortlessly.

Like many of the other beard styling tools in our rankings, this model has a 30-minute shutoff feature and a 360-degree swivel cord for convenience and easy handling.

With so many heat settings, guys can truly find the right temperature when straightening their beards.

With great reviews all around, Tame The Wild’s Beard Straightening Brush offers control, quality, and quality results you can’t pass up.

Mexitop Beard Hair Straightener

Mexitop Beard Hair Straightener

If you and your wife want to share a styling product to save money, get the Mexitop Beard Hair Straightener and Curler. You can straighten your beard and she can curly her hair. With 3 heated surfaces, it can be the right tool for your needs.

The metal ceramic heating (MCH) ensures the brush heats up quickly and stays hot efficiently. The brush’s head is fairly small, meaning it can work all-around your face and reach the corners of your beard. The anti-scald shape also minimizes the risk of burning your skin with contact.

It comes with 3 heat settings, from 340F to 410F to suit the majority of beard types. The temperature is indicated by 3 color lights on the handle so you never have to guess how hot the brush is. This model automatically turns off after 25 minutes of idle time.

Although it’s one of the more expensive beard straighteners on our list, its added function as a hair curler means that it can save your family money and space in the bathroom. While we obviously suggest men have a dedicated tool, families on a budget will appreciate the benefits of the Mexitop.

Choose The Best Beard Straightener

Best Beard Straightener

Types of Beard Straighteners

Essentially, there are two sorts of electric tools that you can use if you want to straighten your beard: brushes and combs. Which type of straightening tool you use will depend on your beard type, length and preferences.

But truth be told, brands and consumers use the names interchangeably. Most of the products on this list are technically heated brushes because very few men with short beards actually need to straighten their facial hair with a hot comb. Nevertheless, we’ll explain the differences.

If your beard is on the short and thin side, you may want to consider using a heated comb. Electric beard combs take the standard appearance of a comb, but with an electric handle that sends heat to the teeth so you can straighten your beard. They can also be useful if you have a longer beard with areas that are more difficult and less practical to get to.

Alternatively, you can use a heated brush. These often have large handles and wide teeth, so that they are ready to handle long and thick hair. More powerful and easier to control than combs, they can straighten thick, curly, coarse, long beards in a few minutes.

Then we have mini flat irons. Like the hair straighteners the women in your life use, you need to be extra careful not to burn yourself with a beard flat iron. It can also take a comparatively long time for an iron to finish the job. If you have a long, full beard, you’ll need multiple passes to get the hairs straight.

Beard Straightening Comb

The Right Comb For Your Beard Type and Length

Consider your beard type when deciding which instrument to use. If you have a short beard, use a heated comb or mini flat iron. If you have a really short beard, all you need is a boar’s bristle brush and beard oil. Definitely avoid most electric beard brushes since you won’t have the amount of hair needed for this to work.

Different Features

Heat Shields and Temperature Controls

Beard straighteners need to have heat shields to help protect your skin and beard from burns. However, if you have particularly sensitive skin, make sure the anti-scald design comes with extra long plastic teeth to protect you.

Similarly, find a straightening tool that has multiple heat settings. Temperature controls allow you to turn down the heat when your face or beard is burning up. In addition to being more comfortable, extremely hot temperatures can potentially damage your facial hair and stop your beard’s growth.

Beard Straightener Brush

Ionic Technology

The latest ionic technology works by producing negative ions which neutralize the positive ions found in your hair, making it easier to minimize or stop frizz. If you have a frizzy beard, this feature can definitely be useful. You may also want to start using a quality beard shampoo and conditioner.


Bear in mind that you’ll probably be using your beard straightener for around 5 minutes, and you’ll need to keep it steady. Hence, a lighter model is probably ideal, but overall none are likely to be too heavy.

Best Men's Beard Straightener Reviews

Get A Good Beard Straightener

If you’re struggling with beard care, maintenance and styling, it’s time to consider using a beard straightener. Particularly for men with coarse, frizzy, or curly beards, a good straightening comb can be a healthy alternative to a hairdryer.

Whether you have a short or long beard, a quality straightener brush can take your beard to the next level with an extra clean, well-groomed look. While we still recommend applying beard oil, balm and other grooming products, a heated beard comb is just another styling tool guys should have in their arsenal.

Get inspired with all the cool beard styles that only a beard straightener can help you get!