Men’s hair in the 90s created several new trends. Iconic and modern, 90s hairstyles were heavily influenced by the cool fashion and pop culture creations of the decade. From Hollywood celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt to the rise of hip-hop music to the famous sitcom Friends, the 1990s brought about a number of trendy short and long hairstyles for guys. With 90s fashion making a comeback, it might be time for young men and little boys to start exploring ways to style these classic looks. To inspire your next haircut, check out the best 90s hairstyles for men that will show off your unique style.

90s Hairstyles For Men

90s Hairstyles For Men

Curtains Haircut

Made famous by Leonardo DiCaprio and Johnny Depp, the curtains hairstyle is trendy and handsome with boyish charm. Textured and neatly styled, the curtain haircut can be paired nicely with a fade or undercut on the sides. Popular with the biggest Hollywood celebrities, curtains were one of the hottest 90s men’s hair trends.

Curtains Haircut

Bowl Cut

Bowl cuts were popular among children, so you may remember rocking it back in the day when your hairdresser cut your hair to a uniform length. Although it sounds childish, it became a favorite of rock bands and is a fantastic style for music-lovers who love to mosh out to air guitar and want something different-yet-low-maintenance. Straighten your fringe and fade in the sides for a modern version of a bowl cut.

Bowl Cut

Caesar Haircut

Named after Julius Caesar, George Clooney was the man to bring the Caesar haircut style to Hollywood in the 90s. Traditionally an even length all over, the hair on top was a tiny bit longer to give it contrast. Today low fades on the back and the sides add more volume without leaving it too long on top. To try the modern Caesar haircut, get a fade or undercut with a crew cut on top and a slightly longer bangs.

Caesar Haircut

The Heartthrob

The heartthrob was named after the movie stars who made it prominent in the 90s, namely Brad Pitt. Cut into a bob and pushed back, the messy fringe gave it definition and a natural style. Today, it’s a lot more rugged and low-maintenance, so it’s perfect for fashionable men with wavy locks. You can have it shorter on the sides and long and swept back on top for a more eye-catching effect.

90s Heartthrob Hairstyle

Blonde Highlights

Zach from Saved By The Bell, David Beckham and Brad Pitt helped make blonde highlights a major 90s trend. It was popular, and still is to this day, because it suited a variety of styles. Whether your hair is short, long, or mid-sized, a blonde buzz cut, crop, or quiff will define your look and help you stand out.

90s Blonde Highlights Men

Spiky Hair

Spikes were big in the 90s because it gave the Backstreet Boys and other wearers a multidimensional appearance. Spikes were usually combined with blonde dye or frosted tips to cement the style. Contemporary wearers find it ideal as it suits most hair textures and types, especially if you style your fringe forward for greater volume.

90s Spiky Hair Men

Afro Hairstyle

Although the afro started in the 60s, Kobe brought it back in the 90s. It’s mostly associated with African American men because it goes well with long, kinky hair or curls. Your barber will extend your hair from the scalp to get the famous round shape, and you can keep it in place with a firm gel and hairspray.

90s Afro Hairstyle Men

Hip Hop Hairstyles

Hip hop hairstyles changed depending on the artist. Rapper Pusha T had, and still has, long cornrows, Snoop Dogg made the afro more mainstream, and Jay-Z spent most of the 90s with a low-profile shaved head. However, one of the best hip hop haircuts was the low fade with 360 waves styled by Nas. He still has it to this day, and you can replicate waves with plenty of brushing and another 90s favorite, the do-rag.

90s Hip Hop Hairstyles

Grunge Hairstyles

Kurt Cobain encapsulates grunge hair. Long hair with front curtains was a mixture of cool and graceful without the hassle. The style flowed in a classy way, yet it was messy and last-minute, too, as if he had just gotten out of bed. Men with curly or tight locks will need to relax their hair to get it to grow down towards the shoulders.

90s Grunge Hairstyles Men

Frosted Tips

Justin Timberlake made frosted tips a thing during his days as a member of *NSYNC. Back then, tips were bold and edgy and transformed most hairstyles effortlessly. Their comeback is due to men’s styles becoming boring and predictable, so frosted tips are great for anyone who wants a vibrant look.

90s Frosted Tips For Men


90s athletes with wavy or kinky hair preferred cornrows due to the minimal upkeep. Aside from being effortless, cornrows are making a comeback because you can braid your hair at the back for a contrasting mane that’s reliable. Or, you can try the Kriss Kross style with braided studs on the top of your head.

90s Cornrows Men

Tram Lines

Tram lines were shaved into the side or back of the hair to switch up otherwise boring hair styles. MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice wore tram lines throughout the 90s. For a modern twist, you can use a tram line as a permanent parting that adds different dimensions by separating your hair.

90s Tram Lines

Slicked Back Hair

Slicked back hair was a style from the 80s that carried into the 90s. While bankers and Wall Street types still wore the hairstyle, actors such as Clooney and Pitt made it more accessible and less aggressive. All you need is long hair on top, with shorter hair on the back and sides, and a comb to brush it back. Strong wax or pomade will keep your slicked back haircut in place all day.

90s Slicked Back Hair


Short hair at the front and long hair at the back was so trendy in the 1990s that there was a song named after it. Beastie Boys championed the style in their track “Mullet Head”, catapulting it to fame. Modern mullets aren’t as drastic, yet a drop fade on the sides and blonde bleach combo will offer an extra layer of attitude.

90s Mullet

Flat Top

Flat tops came in several shapes and sizes in the 90s. The two main ones were the flat top afro for black men and flat top straight for white guys, and both were buzzed short on the back and sides and stretched upwards on top.

90s Flat Top


The 90s mohawk involved shaving off the hair on the sides completely to leave a long strand of hair in the middle. The mohawk is drastic but noticeable and hard to ignore, and that made the hairstyle perfect for punk rockers. Current versions of the mohawk aren’t as close cut and are incredibly versatile. If you’re not a fan of the shaved sides mohawk, the best alternative is a tapered fade as it lets you play around with the length and switch from long to short, depending on your preference.

90s Mohawk

Best Styling Products For 90’s Hair

Luckily, you don’t have to go that far back and get classic men’s hair products like Brylcreem and grease to style a cool 90s hairstyle. The best styling hair products for your 90s hair are the same ones you would use today. While hair gel and hairspray can get you that authentic look and there are some high-quality options on the market, we highly recommend you use a good pomade, wax, clay or cream.

With the same hold but ingredients that won’t dry your hair out, modern products for men are just made better. For a clean look that lasts all day, here are the best hair products for men!